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Soul of the Ultimate NationSoul of the Ultimate Nation

Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Soul of the Ultimate Nation

What seems like your typical Free to Play MMORPG has actually shaken up the online gaming community. Graphics that make you drool, beautiful bods and music scores that entice. Do I have your attention now? I thought so! Read on and you’ll see why I’ve enjoyed writing another ‘thumbs up’ review.

Alright folks, now that I’ve successfully grabbed your attention, let’s take a look at the origins of this innovative game. Back in 2006, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, otherwise known as SUN, was released in South Korea. Late October 2009 marked the English global release of SUN presented by Webzen. ijji also brought us SUN, however, has since closed its portal of the game. Webzen has made transfer for ijji users easy with a simple account transfer service on the Webzen main page.

The Basic of an MMO and Differences

The basic idea used in SUN isn’t anything new. However, Soul of the Ultimate Nation will change the way you think about massively multiplayer online games. The interface is quite what you’d expect from any other comparable MMO complete with super easy to follow mini map. But the similarities stop there. The moment you sign in, you will be blown away by the brilliance of the graphics; the designers pulled out all the stops when they created the graphics for Soul of the Ultimate Nation. When you sign in, you immediately view a short film that is very well produced and reflects on the developers desire to make this game one-of-a-kind. The character detail is amazing, as is the vast landscape. Soul of the Ultimate Nation truly is a fantasy land. My first impression of SUN was that it had all the allure and ambience of Lord of the Rings; and there’s a good reason for that. Academy Award winning Howard Shore, who is well known for his work in the Lord of the Rings, wrote the accompaniment music for SUN. If you’ve heard it, you’ll agree that it’s nothing short of amazing. The animation is also noteworthy. I’ve found it to be very fluid and I believe that it rates at the top of its class.

Selecting your Path

It’s time to create your character. Unfortunately, at this point you’ll find that you only have five classes to choose from. The character classes consist of three male and two female character classes. When you pick, remember that the classes are gender locked. Some users will find this a turnoff and by just reading this review, may decide not to play; don’t let the gender lock stop you. Even with these limitations the game has some different characters class types for you to choose from, each with a different play style.

  • Berzerker: Strong melee DPS fighter type that wield weapons of massive power. Able to hold a foes attention and keep continued damage flow from close range.
  • Valkyrie: The archer type of the game, or ranged DPS fighter. Raining heavy damage on foes from a distance in support of their melee DPS teammates.
  • Dragon Knight: Mixing combat with the supportive arcane that and party can not do without. He will buff his friends and curse his enemies.
  • Shadow Making a living from sneaking around and creating their own opportunities the deal high levels of damage by hitting a foes vital areas or using curses and dark magic.
  • Elementalist: Master of the elements and dealing high levels of damage from afar. Healing magic to keep an party alive and well during a dungeon crawl. Picking a path will determine mastery or jack of all trades.
  • Once you’ve chosen your character, you’ll be given the opportunity to customize his or her hairstyle, face and height. I was very impressed with the extensive skill sets that accompanied each character; the skill sets seem to offset the lack of class options. Another aspect of SUN that I liked is the story line development behind each character. As game play progresses you will discover back stories that may be unlocked throughout your journeys. The story adds depth to the game play and keep you wanting more; needing to know what’s next.

    Love those Gameplay Tutorials

    Upon your entrance, you are taken to a beginner’s village that serves as a tutorial where you are introduced to NPCs and sent on simple quests. As you work your way through the early levels, you’ll find that the quests actually function as training, so to speak. Their purpose is to establish all the essential elements of the game. The developers did a fabulous job getting their users rooted. Having done so, you are not tossed into difficult game play that leaves you throwing your hands in the air with disgust. There’s nothing worse than launching into a game only to discover you have absolutely no idea how to play and are ultimately left to your metagame skills to continue.


    The game play style is that of ‘hack and slash’ action based MMORPG, which I find thrilling. As you progress in game play, you will soon come to realize how extensive the layout truly is. I’ve heard various opinions on this. Some state that it offers a more closed feel. I don’t happen to agree with that opinion. I’ve also found that most players agree that things don’t really get fired up until level forty and at this point, the highest level stands above one-hundred. That is yet another detail that sets this game apart from its free-to-play competitors. The developers have really gone out of their way to make Soul of the Ultimate Nation distinctive and thus desirable.

    Cash Store Invisible

    Another thing I feel the need to mention is the cash store. Throughout game play, I never really felt the need to visit the cash store. Some games almost require that you spend actual cash to be even somewhat competitive in the game. I did not find that to be an issue with SUN; the majority of the items were novelty and of no consequence to the game itself. The game does give new players a taste of the items that one can get in the cash shop though. All newly generated characters start with a few items that provide some gameplay bonuses. These items are great for getting started and getting started fast and furious.

    Final Thoughts

    Some positive aspects of SUN… I loved the skill system. The story development kept me wanting more. The action packed Hack and Slash game play is fun and entertaining. The quests just keep coming and the multiple PvP options really keep things fresh. There were only a couple negative things I could site, and I think that most users will agree. The lack of classes is a letdown as is the gender lock; even though I didn’t find the gender lock offensive as some others have. I think Soul of the Ultimate Nation is most definitely worth downloading and trying out for yourself; I’m convinced that even the skeptics will be won over. Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it. So, until next time, play on!


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