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War of Angels

War of Angels

Everything about this Free to Play MMORPG is big. A massive world, big dungeons, big cities… you get the idea. In War of Angels 3D fantasy you battle; you battle in the sky, land and even underwater. 10,000 years ago the story began and now you are the one who tells the rest. Are you good or are you evil? Keep reading to find out why this FTP MMO is so different from the rest.

MMO Whiz

Developed and published by Neowiz, War of Angels has really broken the mold of MMO games. Neowiz had the western world in mind when they developed War of Angels as the graphics are a refreshing mix of anime and western styling. War of Angels was released in open beta on November 23, 2010. It is also published by Gamigo in Europe.

War of Ages

Whether you prefer PvE or PvP gameplay, you’ll find what suits you in War of Angels. The story dates back 10,000 years when the earth faced the end of its existence. The story speaks of Dertgotz, the fallen celestial god. It tells of Dertgotz’s fall to earth and the battle that ensued. Throughout the course of the story and his battle against mankind, you see evil in its attempts to triumph over good. As a last-ditch effort, Dertgotz left half of himself on earth. Now it’s your turn to fight the battle of good versus evil. What side will you take?

Soar to New Heights

War of Angels sweeps you off your feet and puts a new spin on angelic beings with a storyline that actually includes fallen angels. Though they’re not actually referred to as demons, that’s basically what they are. As gameplay progresses you are able to purchase wings or earn them as a quest reward. Once you’ve worked hard and gained the privilege of wearing your own wings, you finally get to experience flying.

The wing system is very straight forward. Once your wings are activated, you are capable of flying for several minutes. To gauge your flight time usage, there is an on-screen meter. Once you’ve used your flight time, you must wait the required cool-off period before reactivating your wings. There is a fair selection of wings from which to choose. They differ in both aesthetics and ability; some wings work better for certain types of battle than others.

Don’t want to wait for your wings? You can explore the heights while riding a Pegasus. Flying isn’t something you typically see in MMOs. Neowiz broke out of the standard MMO mold with the ability to experience a dimension not yet seen in many FTP games. In War of Angels, you’ll get a whole new perspective. Not only will you experience what it’s like to walk on air; in War of Angels, you’ll discover what it’s like to dip underwater.

Character Creation

Creating your character in War of Angels isn’t thrilling. You’ll notice that most everyone is going to look similar because your choices are slim. The character customization options are three each for skin, hair style, hair color, and face. Despite the simplicity of character creation in War of Angels, the characters themselves are quite stunning. If you decide you would like to really set yourself apart, you’ll have to do so with a visit to the item mall.

In War of Angels, there are four classes from which to choose:

  • Mage – Strong in magical powers, the Mage casts powerful spells to bombard the enemy with destruction. The Mage also has the power the power to heal.
    (Allowable weapons: Wand and Staff)
  • Rogue – Cunning and silent, the Rogue is a sly force to be reckoned with. The Rogue is quick and witty. (Allowable weapons: Dagger and One-Handed Sword)
  • Ranger – Rangers are fierce and deadly marksmen. They have the innate ability to sense an enemy from a distance and deal a significant amount of damage.
    (Allowable weapons: Bow and Rifle)
  • Fighters – A fighter can be an iron-clad juggernaut or a berserker that is tough as nails. Fighters make great protectors and pride themselves on their melee skills.
    (Allowable weapons: One-handed Sword, Two-handed sword, One-handed axe, Two-handed axe Shield)

To the Armory

When choosing your starting gear, you will be given five colors to choose from. In War of Angels, there are two systems in which you can upgrade your weapons. The enchanting system allows you to upgrade the attack value on your armor and the attack damage on your weapons. The other upgrade system is the imprint system. This system allows you to add stats to your equipment by attaching the enemy’s imprints to yours.

Celestial Quest

Getting started on War of Angels is rather simple and easy to pick up. As you play, small question marks will pop up and clicking on them will connect you to a convenient built-in reference library. This is a very nice feature and I give kudos to the developers for including such a helpful system for newbies.

The questing system in War of Angels is pretty standard fare for MMOs. You find a NPC, receive instructions, and complete the required task. When speaking to a NPC, a dialogue screen will open and offer a selection of ways to respond . This is, in part, how the storyline will progress. With every decision you make, you are moving closer to either darkness or light. The choice is yours. As gameplay progresses, PvP modes will be a matter of good versus evil.

I’ve found through gameplay that level progression is slow and can be quite frustrating. A lot of experience is required to progress through the game. Unfortunately, you’ll find a shortage of quests, and that leads to the land of eternal grinding. Buying potions, buffs and equipment upgrades at the item mall seem to be the only way to save a player from the grind.

Angelic Pets

If, in gameplay, you stumble across a small egg, rejoice! This egg once belonged to a deadly monster but may soon become your strongest ally! You’ll be given the opportunity to name your new bundle of joy and nurture it as it hatches and becomes your faithful friend. There will be a window dedicated to the wellbeing of your new friend. Newly hatched creatures need lots of tender loving care, so remember to feed your little one. If you’re not fortunate enough to find an egg, you can pursue pet ownership by purchasing one at the item mall.

Stunning Graphics and Visuals

I’ve just got to be honest here; I love the graphics, animation and use of color. War of Angels has taken anime and blended in the feel of a western game. Quite frankly, I think the anime thing is old and overdone. At this point, you could scratch the western style graphics and come up with something completely different, I don’t care. But I do know this, we could all use a change and I think that’s one of the main reasons that I like War of Angels so much. It’s not overly cartoony either. The developers have really struck a nice balance in the animation and graphics of War of Angels. It’s like a cool drink of water on a hot day.

The Final Word

Simply put, I really like this game. Just like any other MMORPG, it has its pros and cons. And really, what game doesn’t? You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything comparable to War of Angels. In what other MMO can you join other players in exploring huge dungeons and then conquer a guild city? In War of Angels, you can even rule your own town while building its economy. As it stands, War of Angels has the most unique environments of any other MMO.

War of Angels kicks those linear style FTPMMOs to the curb. Your choices in War of Angels are numerous and the use of strategy and skill is exceptional. You’ll be swept off your feet when playing War of Angels.

At this point, the only complaints that I have are the limited character customization options and lack of classes. It’s obvious that Neowiz wants to satisfy its game base; proof being when they removed a very unwanted experience penalty on death. Neowiz is listening and that counts! If the developers keep it up, War of Angels will remain top dog. So spread those wings and play on!


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