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War Rock

While most of the MMOs around are RPGs, First person shooters are simply the most engaging and interesting ones. If you are already an addicted to network based first person shooters, imagine the same kind of fun multiplied by a millions of users and a variety of maps and weapons. We know this sounds like a true gamer’s wildest dream, but wake up gamerboy, this is reality – this is ‘War Rock’.

War Rock is a free to play 3D shooter developed by South Korean company named Dream Execution. In North America and Europe the game is distributed by K2 Network. K2 network also provides its service for games such as Knight Online and APB Reloaded.


So, it’s an MMO and it’s an FPS, quite naturally it has got the same over repeated storyline about some kind of civil war torn country. But what on earth does a Rock have to do with a war? Actually, in this game The Rock is the main reason behind the war. Its true people, its not oil, its not land, its not throne, its all about a Rock this time – a meteor to be exact!

So, the story is set in a fictional country Derbaran, a civil war breaks up between the rebels of National Independence unit and the army of the country. Eventually, it is revealed that all the chaos and bloodshed is because of one meteor that fell from the skies.


Character customization is not what you must be wasting your time during a war. Once you pick your role and army, the storyline goes down the drain and the only goal becomes shooting your enemies head off. The gameplay does require quite an amount of strategy; although, not as much as in other MMOFPs like Soldier Front, but Counter Strike and battlefield players would definitely love it. You can in fact, roll and dodge during the combat.

The player, who keeps playing for endless hours, ranks the highest in this game. This isn’t intended to be a negative comment; there are actually many things about this game that will make you want to play for endless hours.

The variety of guns is impressive and you get access to more weapons as you progress. Also, there are five different game modes to choose from. The game is surely rich in terms of content and features. The gameplay gets more interesting due to mounts, especially that ‘cool cool’ motorcycle.

Game Modes

Currently there are five different game modes in War Rock. It once, however, started with only three and we are certainly hoping to see a few more additions in the future. Five combat modes are as follows:

Close Quarters Combat – Every FPS player is born with an obsession for this mode. This game is played in teams of four to eight players each. There is only one goal, ‘kill your opponent’, kill all of them. and yes, we love this mindless killing.
Urban Ops – once again all you have to do is to kill your opponent but it can be played by up to 24 players on a much larger map.
Battle Group – Once again, kill em’; but in this mode the map is even larger and better vehicles will spawn. Imagine helicopters and aircrafts. Land, sea or air, you can use any medium to annihilate your enemy.
Hero Mode – This mode has a kill limit per round. Every team selects a hero and a hero keeps emerging as the previous one dies, until all of the members of a team are dead. More than a hero needs to fight, the team needs to protect the hero.
Zombie AI mode – Okay, seems like the rock has some kind of mysterious effects on the humans. There is a force of zombies, ready to take you down. Gear up with your team and get ready to take a headshot of these mindless freaks.

The Fabulous Five

The player can join the Derbaran Army as a soldier or the NIU as a rebel. Either way, you have a choice of taking up any of the five roles. Each class is unique and their efficiency changes with the game mode.

Engineer – As an engineer your weapon is a wrench. They perform very well in battle group mode where there will be a lot of vehicles to repair.
Medic – You will be the healer of the group and much needed in almost all of the modes. Remember, too much bleeding can eventually kill a soldier. So, make sure you have a medic on your team.
Sniper – As in most of the shooters, snipers are the safest yet vicious killers. They are good for almost all of the modes.
Assault – These are the men you can send out on the front line. With their K-2 assault riffles and grenades, these men are built to kill.
Heavy Trooper – These are the right men against the machines. They are equipped with rocket launchers and mines. Good enough to take down any vehicle.

Sights and Sound

The game was originally released in 2004 and its graphics look pretty dated. Yet, if you are used to playing Counter strike, the visuals won’t create much of a problem. However, we must appreciate the user interface of the game, which despite being so old, is far better than many of the modern Free to plays. Good news! You can run it on your otherwise useless P3 while daddy is working on the current system.

There is nothing very outstanding about the sound of this game. The music is unoriginal and sound effects get pretty dull and dreary. Even the grenades won’t sound much explosive.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

This free to play definitely has its fair share of pros and cons to write about. The goods include the variety of game modes, roles and features. Developers are constantly updating the game adding new content and features. The storyline, although not very much important, is constantly being developed along the chapters. The game has a very huge and helpful community.

Definitely, there are some bads which list unimpressive graphics and sounds on the top. Moreover, there are some serious technical issues that need to be taken care of. The game has lagging and connectivity issues. This seriously hampers the overall involvement level of the game. Not to mention, the battlefields once was crawling with hackers or H4x0r as you would call them. However, the last patch is said to have taken care of that problem.

Now, for the ugliest part! Although, we have previously tagged it as the most content rich ftp shooter out there, this statement can be slightly misleading. Most of the privileges and perks in the game are available for premium members. And yes, they will get an unfair advantage over the noobs.

The Final Word

Overall, War Rock is an average shooter game which looks quite dated but it definitely has a lot to offer to serious shooters out there – even if you are not willing to pay a single penny for that. In fact, the game might offer you a lot more entertainment than a lot of flashy new MMO FPS out there. Once again, imagine bikes and helis. Our say – if you are a genre’s fan, the game is worth a try.

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  • BlackStar10
    December 20, 2011
    Reply #1

    Nice review on Warrock(International)

    In Battlegroup Mode you can play on the largest maps in Warrock. Also you could also play on the Siege War Mode in Battlegroup in which you have certain objectives to progress in game.

    I would say that the only downside in this game is the hackers and some technical issues. In my opinion though base on my experience in playing other versions of Warrock ex: Warrock Philippines and Warrock Korea, Those two have less issues than International.

  • hangNoose
    June 26, 2018
    Reply #2

    As of now 2018 this game is hard to beat. All freeplay and I have not played on map with a hacker this year. Thanks for making free gaming fun Warrock.

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