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Wartune is a game that may just be giving players who enjoy RPG and strategy just what they are looking for. While the game lives and breathes in a 2D world, one can help but be pulled in. Players will roam the countryside completing quests just as if they are playing a Free MMORPG, but then at the same time, you will need to gather resources, manage your army, and build up your defenses to protect against those who wish to see harm upon your city, and plunder your gold.

The game starts out very quickly, as you will choose from one of three classes – The Mage, the Warrior, or the Archer. Each having their own special abilities, skill sets, and talent trees. I found the quick drop into the action refreshing and fun. So often games try to explain too much prior to getting a player fighting and into the mix of combat. I made quick work of the starter area, and soon found my way to retaking a city of which I was soon able to call my own.

As you level your character and your city new buildings become available, giving you the chance to enchant weapons, move your city around the PvE world, and even battle it out against other players in the PvP arena.

If you want to see more of what the game has to offer, check out my full gameplay review video below.

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  • pendragon
    March 25, 2013
    Reply #1

    On a remark of a Player that was in the No.1 guild of a new started server….i started fresh on a new server and joined one of the first guilds. This game is not balanced and…its p2w. It was much fun at the start but later you find out…if you dont spent enough time daily on this game you fall back a lot….and if you dont use the cashshop, you will lose battles all the time. Many tried to play it without the cashshop but found out its no use. in PVP and Guildwars you will end up losing most of the battles and only win against lower level players.

    The other pproblem this game is soooo time consuming. Events start at several times a day…you miss out…you fall behind. And once a strong guild is established…they always win the guildwars. We hoped for a challenge in the guildwars but in the end we never came even close to losing one.

    Its a fun game for short…but needs too much time to play and without cashshop items you will lose the fun when you never stand a chance against cashshop players cause their gear is always so much better at the same level. Even if you are higher level you will prolly lose often against cashshop users…cause this game is 90% about gear…10% about skill.

    Keep this in mind when you are interested. If you want to spent money, have tons of time each day go for it. Otherwise its not worth trying. And your best bet is starting on fresh and new servers…so far items cant be traded so higher level players cannot help you with gear/gold etc only with running some dungeons.

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