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Whether you’re new to the Free to Play MMO scene or you’re a FTP pro, this game has something for you. Bright anime themed graphics, bold use of color, and great music are just a few things that make this game enjoyable. Wonderking Online has so much to offer and so little that disappoints. When taking a quick look at the game you may think you are looking at another title, but once the gameplay starts you will realize that you are in something that is very unique. So if you enjoy 2D side scrolling MMORPGs, stick around because you just might what you see.

Consider the Possibilities

January 7th, 2010 WonderKing enjoyed its Open Beta release. Developed and published by Ndoors, WonderKing is a 2D, side-scrolling FTPMMO. Ndoors is also the brains behind Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu and Atlantica Online. WonderKing is fast-paced game that has joined the ranks of many other free-to-play MMOs with anime graphics and fantasy themes. It has been likened to Nexon’s hugely successful MapleStory and has been referred to as a “wannabe” and a “clone” just to name a few. Apparently nobody’s considered the possibility of taking something great and making it even better—well, nobody except Ndoors.

Be Yourself

While character creation is a bit lackluster, the ability to choose a class is something that seasoned MMO gamers don’t take for granted. Currently, when going through the initial esthetic customization of your character, you can choose between a few different eye and hair colors as well as a few shirts and pants. Like I said, it’s disappointing. And, though not ideal, a visit to the cash shop will actually give your character an identity and a chance for you to be yourself.

Have Some Class

Choosing a class is fun initially, because you are actually given the opportunity to do so—unlike other games where your character begins in a classless state—but also because it offers your character more of an identity. As it stands, there are four starting classes and they are: Scout, Thief, Swordsman, and Mage. Korean gamers also have the option of playing a robot-riding Machine class, which sounds really cool.

Here’s a little bit about our four class choices:

Swordsman– These characters are true tanks who can take a nasty beating and remain remarkably resilient. The Swordsmen prefer the on-handed sword accompanied by a shield. They are also impressively vicious with a two-handed weapon.

Mage– With a high IQ complete with the knowledge of many powerful spells, the Mage is a deadly opponent. However, they lack severely in defense and must fight at a distance; which isn’t a problem with their range capabilities. A Mage’s obvious weapon of choice is the staff with which they cast powerful spells.

Thief– Thieves are as cunning as they are quick, which makes for a deadly combination. While they are weak defensively, Thieves are quite nimble and powerful offensive fighters. A thief’s weapons of choice are ninja stars and twin blades.

Scout– While they rate average in health and mana, a Scouts strength lies in its incredibly keen eyesight. A Scout is capable of hitting a long-range target with speed and impeccable precision. Scouts prefer bows and guns as their weapons.

Once you’ve created your character, you then begin your WonderKing journey in Elgaill—in the elven forests. This is only one of many maps in this game. The tutorial is cleverly wound into the first few quests. So, while these quests are mandatory, they are quick and to the point while effectively educating you on all the basics of the game. How to move, jump, attack, purchase items, and interact with NPCs are just a few things that you’ll learn in these initial quests.

I Get Around

Like most everything else in this game, the controls are great. Utilizing both the keyboard and mouse, controlling your character is very simple and easy to learn. On the keyboard, you’ll use the arrow keys for movement, the Alt key for jumping, and the Ctrl key for attacking as well as the A, S, D, and F keys for hotlinking. With that being said, much of those controls may be rearranged to meet a player’s personal preference. The main purpose of the mouse is to interact with NPCs and handle items.

WonderKing’s user interface is first-class. Navigation is very user friendly and menus are easy to find and use. Whether you’re traveling to a different location, preparing for a craft, or checking your stats, everything has been made simple. A gamers’ focus should be on gameplay, not navigation, and Ndoors gets it.

Not only is the UI user friendly, it is very helpful. There are several features that help create that user friendly environment including the map system. The game map identifies what particular enemies a player will be encountering in every location. Not only that, but it gives that level of the monsters. These are UI details that any gamer can appreciate. The mini map shows all close quest NPCs and merchants which makes decision making and travel nearly effortless.

And speaking of traveling, WonderKing has a very unique feature which also serves to simplify your gaming experience. Meet Wapi. Wapi is a NPC whose only purpose is to teleport gamers from one location to another. While Wapi is located in every town, he is not able to teleport players to particular locations. One thing to note, however, is that Wapi doesn’t work for free and accepts payment in Zed—which is WonderKing currency. Prices vary from trip to trip and players that are currently at level 10 and below will receive a discount. Isn’t that nice?

The PVP Party

We North American gamers don’t get the privilege of choosing from a fifth class—the robot riding Machine class—but we do get to enjoy the much anticipated PvP mode! While this system is still under development, a lot of fun can still be had. In PvP mode, gamers can play against one another in one-on-one battle.

Another feature under development is the Guild PvP—or GvG feature. This feature also costs Zed and allows players to battle on particular maps which are only accessible by challenging another player to a Guild battle. Player levels are balanced out for fair gameplay so that a higher level player and a lower level player can spar on equal terms. The size of a guild is only half of the guild master’s level. Guilds serve to unite players and help to establish friendships through teamwork and cooperation. A neat feature is that for a player who also a guild member, the guilds’ name will be displayed above the characters name.

Life in Wonderking

Gameplay in WonderKing is smooth and progression is quite unremarkable. With that being said, there is a substantial amount of quests to undertake which makes WonderKing a RPG lover’s oasis. You’ll never find yourself bored and grinding away for XP. Something else worth noting is the quest system which is automatically updated as you complete quests and gain levels. As you move to a higher level, this system will give you valuable information such as what new quests are available.

Once you’ve reached level 30, your character will have the choice from one of two different paths. Basically, you have the option to be good or evil. Once this decision is made, it is irrevocable—so make your choice wisely.

Built-in Bonus

WonderKing has several things that are quite simply, built-in bonuses. From the intricate crafting and cooking systems to the intriguing enchanting system and even the auction house, there are just too many reasons not to be bored! There is another system that is praiseworthy and that is WonderKing’s Monster Book system. The Monster Book is where you can collect cards from enemies you have defeated. Once you’ve collected all three cards for a particular monster, you may even transform into the appearance of that specific monster. While this feature in no way affects gameplay, it is still an amusing and entertaining feature that’s sure to spice up gameplay.

Shopping Around

Yep, you got it. WonderBread—uh, I mean King (Why do I keep thinking that?) has an item mall. No big surprise. This shop is absolutely loaded with customization options. For some hard earned cash, you can outfit your character in just about anything you can think of, including: pants, shoes, shirts, hats, and even hairstyles. Those items are strictly esthetic; though there are items you can buy which are functional such as XP or bag space. Unfortunately, you’re not really buying much of anything. Instead, most everything is rented and therefore will need to be rented again and again if you wish to keep that item. As it stands, I don’t think that the cash shop Wallet Warriors are given an unfair advantage… And that’s what is important.

The Final Word

This is an excellent game. I love just about every aspect of WonderKing. Even the English translations are smooth. Some feel that there is a class imbalance. I personally don’t see that as a problem, however as the developers continue to add and tweak this game, I expect things to continue to change. The developers have done a great job listening to their fans on the game forum. That’s definitely something that you want to see if you are going to invest yourself in a game for the long haul—especially a newer one.

WonderKing is very user friendly and is free of complicated controls which allow newbies to jump right in and feel right at home. This game has great content and really makes other games like Wind Slayer and Ghost Online look like yesterday’s news. The music and graphics are great, the gameplay is fluid and most of all… it’s fun!

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