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World of Kung Fu

World of Kung Fu

If you love the Final Fantasy series, then World of Kung Fu should not come as a surprise to you. Set in ancient China, this game offers a truly mind-blowing free to play gaming experience. To be quite honest, this is one of the games that would actually give you the feel. You will literally feel like you are fighting, eating, playing and roaming around in ancient China with beautiful scenery all around you. Isn’t that something that excites nearly every MMORPG gamer? With that said – if you are a gamer who loves warfare games, then this one might not be for you. But, if you really want to play a fantasy action, then there can’t be any other game better than World of Kung Fu.

Once in, What is There for You

First off, the game comes with a massive inventory of weapons unlike any of the MMO fantasy games. There are 9 different weapon categorizations making the game quite an amusing one to play. The combat system is fast, the content of the game is inclusive and the graphics are superb. In other words, the game is a complete massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) experience for every gamer out there.

The game is not a mere senseless action game with blood, violence and gore without any specific storyline. In fact, the discipline, the art and most of all the strategy part makes the game fun. It is not a game in which all you will have to do is fight, fight and fight till the cows come home. In this one, it goes smoothly with a solid storyline backing it up. ‘Lesser fights but good fights’ is one perfect sentence to sum it up.

Why so Popular?

The game undoubtedly has gained enormous popularity in the recent years. Why? Simply because it is GOOD. The game is set in ancient china, the time when martial arts and Kung Fu were at their peak. The good part about this game is its easy gameplay. If you have played games like the Chaos and 9Dragons before, then it wouldn’t take long for you to understand this one. Fighting with your enemies, completing your quests and leveling up is more or less the same as found in most of the games. But, that does not make the game similar to them in every sense. To be honest, when it comes to the storyline and graphics, World of Kung Fu beats both of them.

A Touch of Tradition

That’s probably the part every gamer would appreciate even if he or she doesn’t like the game. World of Kung Fu has everything you can expect in a Kung Fu game. You will meet Kung Fu masters, Ninjas and so many other similar champions. And yes, don’t forget to visit the Chinese temples, they are there as well.

The Game Play

In the game, mankind is the only race so well you don’t have many choices to make. There are also no categories so you will simply be asked to choose a weapon instead of customizing your player. There are nine weapons to choose from; hammers and axes, spears, fists, bows, broadswords, swords, hooks and fans. The good part is that each of the weapons are very different from the other so you would want to try each one out. By the way, have you ever played Silkroad Online? If you have, then you will instantly realize that the weapon system in World of Kung Fu is quite similar to the one in Silkroad Online. The good part in World of Kung Fu is that each player has his own abilities and skills of fighting. And, of course you can upgrade your ability during the game, but you are not restricted to any particular skill. Whatever you like, you can have it provided within the game.

One drawback of the game is that there is little explanation on which weapon is capable of doing what. So, while making a selection, you will have to make a guess or choose the one which appeals the most to you. Each weapon has its own ‘attacks’ such as the sword has the Three Bull Strike and the Cricket Leap while the Fan has a way of healing, Seven Buddha Smile and the Dancing Butterfly Fan. And, then you can always add to your skills by purchasing the skills in the game.

Cash Shop Advantages?

As mentioned earlier, the game has a lovely flow. It does not break even when it’s about buying products within the game of course. In fact, some of the items in the game are quite fascinating to have such as the pig which collects all your loot automatically, the Tiger Dragon Mount and so on. But, here is the sad part – some of these items need to be bought from the cash shop which means you need to use real money to buy these items. Although the prices are quite reasonable, it still feels like a pain to buy stuff for a game. However, if you are an avid gamer and you fall in love with this game, then maybe you can go ahead with it.

The Typical Ancient Touch

You would love to know that the end-game content in World of Kung Fu is better than most of the MMORPG games out there. There are expansive dungeons like the ones you find in the World of Warcraft. There are epic battles and there are deadly encounters with some really skilled Kung Fu masters. Players can earn reputation in the reputation system which allows them to choose a country, complete the quests in it and kill all the enemies. Now, here is the best part – once the quest is completed, the players can choose to be registered citizens of that country. Not enough? You can also be the king! A new king is selected weekly and if you have the highest reputation. If you become the kind, you will get access to some fantastic options such as you will own the Dragon Armor and you will cast absurd buffs on your opponents.

The Final Words

The game has much more to offer only for those who are willing to play it. It is one of the best free to play MMORPG games currently out there so don’t miss it! And for those who love the ancients and tradition that can be found roaming around medieval China, you will be in for an added treat as the game really sets the scene for you and your compatriots in arms.


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  • aoryuu
    December 22, 2012
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    this game was good but unfortunately the game is down, all servers closed therefore it is no more available.

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