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  • Path of Exile Open Beta Weekend September 14-16

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 13, 2012 under MMO News
    Path of Exile, the free action RPG from Grinding Gear Games, has announced that after a highly successful Open Beta weekend over the summer, that the game is ready to open up to the masses once more. Players who wish to experience Path of Exile, will be able to do so this coming weekend September 14th to the 16th. So sharpen your swords and get ready for some high intensity action this weekend in ... more.
  • War of Angels Gets Reborn

    2 CommentsPosted by on September 11, 2012 under MMO News
    War of Angels, the free MMORPG from Neowiz, has gotten a major facelift as well as many new additional features and updates to the game. Players who haven't joined in on the fun in a while can now log in and see an all new revamped graphical engine, there has been a gigantic update to the quest system that not only revamps many quests, but also adds new quests for players of all levels. New Realm ... more.
  • Microvolts Varsity Volts Update Launches for Back to School

    7 CommentsPosted by on September 9, 2012 under MMO News
    Microvolts, the free MMO FPS title from Rock Hippo Productions, is ready for the back to school season with the launch of their latest update. Varsity Volts brings all new gear and weaponry. All new team outfits are available as well so players can deck themselves out and show off their club spirit as the new seasons begins. So get in the game today and show off your club pride! Markham, Ca... more.
  • Hellgate Global September Events Have Arrived

    12 CommentsPosted by on September 8, 2012 under MMO News
    Hellgate Global, the free MMORPG sent in a sci-fi horror setting from T3Fun, has announced that September 2012 will be loaded with many deals and events. The largest of which sees the safe haven of Green Park Station over run by Demons and the spawn of hell. The month players will also find that Gear enchantments will be met by a little extra bonus. Also, keep a look out for the Auspicious Merchan... more.
  • Brawl Busters Adds Get Glow or Die Tryin Game Mode

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 7, 2012 under MMO News
    Brawl Busters, the free MMO third person brawler from Rock Hippo Productions, has updated once again. This time bring an all new mode for players to compete in and gamepad support. The new game mode is a modification of the typical King of the Hill gameplay mode seen in many games. This time though players will hold glowing zones of radioactivity. Players always clamor for gamepad support from any... more.
  • Marvel Heroes Closed Beta Begins October 1st

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 7, 2012 under MMO News
    Marvel Heroes, the free action MMORPG coming soon from Gazillion Entertainment has announced that the closed beta testing phase for the game will begin October 1st 2012. Players and fans can sign up now and become part of what looks to be a a closed beta many will be talking about. Gazillion Entertainment, publisher of the highly anticipated free-to-play, massively multiplayer online (MMO) ... more.
  • War of the Immortals Now On Steam

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 1, 2012 under MMO News
    War of the Immortals, the free MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment, has officially launched on the Steam platform. Players with an active Steam account may venture over and start downloading the game. Steam has continued to add more and more free to play titles, and is becoming a hot spot for free to play games. War of the Immortals is an action focused title that blends several realms of myth... more.
  • Marvel Heroes Showing Off at Gamescom 2012

    23 CommentsPosted by on August 15, 2012 under MMO News
    Marvel Heroes, the free MMORPG from Gazillion Entertainment, is showing off a new trailer, as well as a showcase of the gameplay that will be available to gamers in the future when the game begins entering the testing phases. So far it looks like the game plays a lot like many other action oriented MMORPGs that are on the market, except for the fact that players are thrown into the Marvel universe... more.
  • Elsword Brings New Dungeons and Ninja Costumes

    8 CommentsPosted by on August 15, 2012 under MMO News
    Elsword, the free MMORPG 2D side scroller from Kill3rCombo, has released the latest update. With this update comes three new dungeons under the city of Hamel, a new level cap of 60, and an all new costume that will allow players to take on the look of a ninja as they dungeon crawl and lay waste to the denizens of these new dungeons and level up their favorite Elsword character. IRVINE, Cal... more.
  • World of Warplanes to Add Japanese Carrier Fighters

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 15, 2012 under MMO News
    World of Warplanes, the free MMO World War II aerial combat shooter from, will be adding Japanese carrier aircraft to the game in the very near future. has a reputation of updating their games with new content regularly, and it looks like World of Warplanes will be no different. The company is very proud of the additions of several Japanese warplanes that will be not on... more.
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