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  • The Aurora World Closed Beta Key Giveaway

    0 CommentsPosted by on March 6, 2013 under Features, Giveaways
    The Aurora World and MMODen have teamed up to get you guys into the action much earlier. I have been given a sizable number of Closed Beta Keys and want you guys to have them so you can experience this outstanding game world. The game has been a huge success world wide and it is time for it to hit North America. So just follow the instructions below and you will get a key and start your adventures... more.
  • Ecol Tactics Closed Beta Key Giveaway

    0 CommentsPosted by on March 2, 2013 under Features, Giveaways
    Ecol Tactics, the upcoming free browser turn based tactical RPG from GamesCampus, announced their all new Founders program this week. Players who are looking to support the games development, are now able to do so through 4 separate founders pack options. Each option not only includes special bonuses, but also early access to the games beta testing phase. Founders packs range in price from $10 to ... more.
  • Brick Force

    0 CommentsPosted by on March 2, 2013 under Features, Reviews
    When Brick Force was first announced there was a loud uproar from the Minecraft community, and then the company behind Brick Force embraced the Minecraft generation and asked them to come along for the ride. One thing that player love is getting involved in the creation of a game. So when all of the above happened Brick Force really won over a large number of supporters. The game not only prov... more.
  • Air Mech

    25 CommentsPosted by on February 26, 2013 under Features, Reviews
    Air Mech, is a free action sci-fi game from Carbon Games. The game blends a healthy dose of sci-fi with a little touch of MOBA, to create an action title that will peak the interest of fans from both genres. With solo, co-op, and vs play, any players who venture into the world of Air Mech will never be without something to do or a challenge to be met. Now let's not forget that the game has a h... more.
  • Star Conflict

    27 CommentsPosted by on February 22, 2013 under Features, Reviews
    Shooters lately seem to be all the rage in the free gaming realm. Sadly most of them are just a regurgitation of the same type of game just skinned a little differently. Thankfully, Star Conflict, is not one of these regurgitation's. While the concept is simple, the execution can be difficult. Gaijan Entertainment, may have found their niche. With Star Conflict and War Thunder showing off what is ... more.
  • Renaissance Heroes

    25 CommentsPosted by on February 21, 2013 under Features, Reviews
    Renaissance Heroes, the free shooter from Gamefuse, takes players back to a time of change and discovery. The game has been on our radar for a while, and now that it has officially launched it is time to really dig in and give the game a solid kicking of the proverbial 16th century tires. The Da Vinci influence in the game is clear, and used very well. Not only do the weapons highly realistic and ... more.
  • Marvel Avenger Alliance

    34 CommentsPosted by on February 19, 2013 under Browser Games, Features, Reviews
    Marvel Avengers Alliance, is a free browser based social MMORPG from Playdom. Many people may feel that social games such as these are past their prime, with so much more possible when it comes to the browser, Google, and facebook gaming these days. Still Marvel Avengers Alliance does still have a bit of a hook. Battling it out with your favorite super heroes has always been a dream for most, and ... more.
  • Dino Storm

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 7, 2013 under Features, Reviews
    Dino Storm, the free browser based MMORPG from Splitscreen Studios, brings the player into a world where dinosaurs and cowboys have crossed paths. Top to bottom a player will feel immersed in an old west style world. Even the main town sounds old west, Dinoville. Players better ready themselves quick though, as the game world can be brutal. Some players are happy to find themselves on the wrong si... more.
  • War Thunder

    19 CommentsPosted by on February 6, 2013 under Features, Reviews
    War Thunder, the free shooter from Gaijin is a combat simulator set in World War II. Gaijin has certainly cut their chops as the company has several other war games under their belt. This time around though they are setting their sights much higher. Their ultimate vision will be a game of massive battlefields filled with players manning aerial, ground, and sea based craft in all out war. For now t... more.
  • Akaneiro Demon Hunters

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 1, 2013 under Features, Reviews
    Akaneiro Demon Hunters, is a free browser based action MMORPG from the small indie developer Spicy Horse Games. At first glance many will think, "oh another browser game," but truth be told that just isn't the case any longer. Broswer games have been turned upside down with emerging technology over the years, and Akaneiro is here to show off much of what the browser is really capable of in today's... more.
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