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  • Chronicles of Merlin

    45 CommentsPosted by on February 6, 2012 under Browser Games, Reviews
    Chronicles of Merlin is a free to play MMO that has quite a bit of depth and many strategic components that will keep players who love these little nuances playing for hours on end. This free browser based MMO has decided to take the myths and lore behind many ancient tales and combine these with those of historic legend to create a background that gives players a lot to think about as they are pr... more.
  • Castle Empire

    24 CommentsPosted by on January 27, 2012 under Browser Games, Reviews
    When it comes to strategy games, there are plenty of them on the market, both browser based and download. When it comes to free to play versions of these games, there are even more, many from companies that most gamers have never heard of. Ubisoft is a name that most gamers have an easy time recognizing and know well, not only from their strategy games over the years, but also from the many popula... more.
  • Drakensang Online

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 3, 2011 under Browser Games, Reviews
    Drakensang Online a Free to Play MMORPG reminds us that not all MMORPGs come from China, Korea, Japan or North America. It is always good to see a free MMO come from other places and give a distinctly different look and feel. no matter how much they resemble the good old ones such as WoW or Diablo, they somehow do bring a breath of fresh air. Drakensang Online is a browser based hack and slash... more.
  • Fortune Online

    1 CommentsPosted by on September 8, 2011 under Browser Games, Reviews
    Many people call Fortune Online a free to play mmorpg clone of Diablo, but didn’t we all love Diablo? The fact is, the video game industry is perhaps the only arena where an ‘inspired’ concept works more wonderfully than an original concept. Thanks to many reviewers like us, we offer developers an opportunity to get inspired by the pros and be aware of the cons. So, the simplest recipe of su... more.
  • Pockie Ninja

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 22, 2011 under Browser Games
    This is another addition to the MMO series of online 3D games which is an anime themed browser based by NGames. Players who crave to become ninjas have a chance to live the experience at last. Wander the land vanquishing foes and completely quests. As well as competing in the Arena for ranking and rewards. Pockie Ninja is a free to play browser based... more.
  • Dead Frontier

    3 CommentsPosted by on July 31, 2011 under Browser Games, Reviews
    Every now and then, we come across a newly launched free MMORPG, which seems quite interesting and addictive with a promise of being unique. More than often, this promise is broken, the game starts to show its age after only a few hours or days and it feels like its makers have completely abandoned it altogether. In many ways, Dead Frontier is differ... more.
  • A Mystical Land

    2 CommentsPosted by on July 11, 2011 under Browser Games, Reviews
      Let's admit it, we all are quite bored and fed up of the dark and gloomy MMO World. In fact, most of those worlds look exactly the same and you just can’t distinguish one game from another. is an exception. It is also a free to play 3D browser game which has a lot of fun and capturing effects for players. It is also a ... more.
  • Adventure Quest Worlds

    26 CommentsPosted by on June 16, 2011 under Browser Games, Reviews
    Adventure Quest Worlds is a 2D browser based free to play MMORPG from Artix Entertainment. When it comes to side scrolling Free MMORPGs, this is one not to be missed if you are a fan of the genre. With a unique art style, 1000s of quests, and simple game play. Adventure Quest Worlds has captured a large audience and loyal group of players over the ye... more.
  • Tribal Wars

    1 CommentsPosted by on June 2, 2011 under Browser Games, Reviews
    The middle ages were all about thriving for power, fame and glory. Living that experience in Tribal Wars is very engaging and makes you feel the stimulation. In the game you face your enemies to prove you are a champion. Your goal as a hero is to lead your village folks to victory; attain power and glory. As you achieve these goals and defeat the enemies your village keeps growing larger and large... more.
  • Business Tycoon Online

    1 CommentsPosted by on April 15, 2011 under Browser Games, Reviews
    This FTPMMO is a real change of pace from the average. The huge selection of free-to-play role-play games is just staggering; not to mention first-person shooters and the like. One particular game development team realized that it was time for something different and took the initiative to bring us a very unique find—a free-to-play browser based ... more.
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